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Caterer Colchester, Liz Bond Catering. Buffets for all Special Occasions

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Colchester Caterer - Liz Bond Catering

After attaining qualifications in all aspects of hotel operations and management, I worked at various locations both here and overseas. Having taken a short break to accommodate the needs of the next generation, I started LIZ BOND CATERING in 1992, and from then on things just grew through word of mouth into a thriving business which will never lose my personal touch.

I have compiled some menus to suit differing occasions such as WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES and FUNERALS and these are composed with an eye to balance of taste, texture, colour, and of course, cost.  Having said that, they are not written on “ tablets of stone” and I am very willing to be flexible.

Please do not hesitate to tell me what you would like, and where practical, your wishes will be catered for. There will always be options for vegetarian guests, and  where possible, other dietary needs will be cheerfully accommodated.

I can help you with seating arrangements, table layouts, Wedding Reception running orders, and over the years have built up a good working knowledge of local suppliers of celebration cakes, marquees, photography etc. with whom I am pleased to be associated.

I have all my own china, cutlery, table linen, cruets etc. The bone china is plain white with a slight crinkle to the edge. The cutlery is good quality stainless steel. Both are kept immaculately clean and polished.

All the items on the menus are home cooked using only the finest fresh ingredients. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

I have a large number of full and part-time staff I can call upon. They have many years experience, will look the part, and know that guests welcome their efficient and cheerful demeanour.

I am fortunate in being able to draw upon a supply of Victorian and Edwardian platters. They confirm my belief in the importance of presentation and that “We eat with our Eyes First.”


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