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Liz Bond Catering - Terms & Conditions

The success of your celebration is of prime importance to us all. So that I may achieve maximum customer satisfaction, I would like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • A deposit of 20% will be required with your written confirmation, 50% of the estimated total 30 days beforehand. The remainder will then become due   within 7 days. Cheques payable to E. Bond please.  Alternatively, you may wish to settle payment direct by bank transfer to: Mrs E J Bond 20-22-67 00183962
  • A guaranteed number of guests is required 7 days prior to the function, after which I can accommodate increases but not decreases.
  • The price per guest will include: china, cutlery, table linen, napkins and waiting staff. If the quotation is for “Lay out and Leave”, the price per guest will include: delivery, paper plates (or bone china if you prefer at no extra cost) and napkins in the colour of your choice. I am not registered for value added   tax.
  • A cancellation fee will be charged as follows:
    • Up to 90 days beforehand - deposit only.
    • 90 - 30 days beforehand - 50% of the estimated total.
    • 30 - 7 days beforehand - 75% of the estimated total.
    • After this - complete fee.
  • A service charge is not added to my account and is left to your own discretion.
  • Customer responsibility - all tables and chairs to be in position well before the   function. Return all dishes and crocks - unwashed - from "Lay out and Leave"   within a few days.
  • We will normally clear tablecloths unless requested not to do so, and will clean     the kitchen area to the best of our ability.
  • ENJOY !

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